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It's an art that has been mastered by Irene's Catering Service, because we understand that a successful event -- a masterpiece -- delights all of the senses equally, creating a well-rounded and memorable experience.

Irene's Catering Service was the creation of Irene Rewolinski over 60 years ago.  Our team at Irene's Catering instills in every team member professionalism and pure enthusiasm that is evident in every detail of every event that is created.  We personally oversee every event that we cater.  It's this kind of commitment to service that keeps clients coming back again and again.

Irene's Catering Service provides full-service catering.  This means that as host, your only responsibility is to be there.  You and your guests will encounter exquisite food of uncompromised quality, artfully presented by our staff.  Your guests will be charmed by the ambiance -- tables perfectly set, cuisine seductively displayed, your venue site literally transformed to display your personal tastes.

The style of every social gathering is different, because every host is different.  Irene's Catering Service can supply style, but we don't impose a prepackaged personality on the event.  At Irene's Catering Service, our hallmarks are our personalized service and attention to detail.  We work closely with you to design an event just for you.  Plus, our food selections are constantly changing to reflect the latest trends in food preparation and style.

In addition to catering the food for your event, our experienced Event Coordinators are available to help you with such details as flowers and decorations. We have our own in-house Florist and Designer who is creatively experienced in fresh and silk florals. We are experts at developing themes and other creative ideas that will make your event stand out.  We can also direct you to our preferred bar service, who can design a package to meet every ones’ needs and budget.

We are always ready for the unexpected.  Most of the time everything runs smoothly.  No matter how much planning goes into an event, there are some things that are unexpected.  Power outages, snow storms, heat waves, vender no-shows and postponements are things that can't be controlled.  When Irene's Catering Service is in charge, contingency plans are always in place to handle sudden difficulties of any kind.  You never have to worry, because Irene's Catering Service is ready for anything.

Your cocktail party or reception can be formal or a bit zany.  The decisions are yours; the skill to carry them out is ours.

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