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Full Spaghetti Buffet from Irenes Catering
Gourmet Freshly Made Pasta from Irenes Catering in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Fresh Fruit Bar served at a Customer Appreciation Catering Event on Highway 100 Wisconsin
Fresh Gourmet Salad Bar from Irenes Catering in Milwaukee
Fresh Tomato Bruschetta made especially for you by Milwaukees Premier Caterer
Fresh Bread Salad and Spaghetti Made to Order at International Autos Customer Appreciation Day
Event Catering at BMW International Auto from Irenes Catering located in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Event Catering Coffee and Tea Buffet by Irenes Catering
BMW International Auto Customers enjoy fresh Fruit and Veggie Buffet from Irenes Catering based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin
International Auto 2009 029
International Auto 2009 030
International Auto 2009 015
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